Zacly.Net is a project which has been created to allow people a fair chance to express their views, unlike Big-Tech Zacly.Net believes in freedom and one rule for all, not different rules for different people based on race, gender, sexuality, religioun or political afflilation.

Somewhere along the line the Big-Tech players Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. have decided that they need to implement

  • Racist polcies to combat racisum
  • Sexist polcies to combat sexisum
  • Policies of gender inequality to combat gender inequality
  • Policies of religious discrimination to combat religious discrimination
  • Politically biased polcies to combat political wrong think (as defined by them)

The idea of policies to define a set of "Protected Classes" is by definition a policy regiem of Racisum, Sexisum, Gender Inequality and Political and Religious Bigotry.

Silicon Valley Big-Tech has literally become the very thing it claims it's trying to protect people from. It now intentionally implements different rules for different people based on these characteristics therefore literally creating a Racist, Sexist, Politically and Religiously Bigoted enviroment of Gender Inequality and almost total intolerance of anything but a prescribed ever changing set of contradicting views.

What was legal today can well be illegal tomorrow and not knowing the ever changing rules of Silicon Valley Big-Tech group think were updated overnight can get you banned for life from the so called "Online Public Square".

The issues described above are the reason why Zacly.Net was born. At Zacly.Net all people live by the same set of rules, the idea is to have a level playing field for everyone.