Your avatar image is used each time you make a post and also on your profile panel. To set this you should click the top right of the screen and go to the settings menu. Avatar

Of course! We make it easy to download all of your MeWe content anytime, and to delete your account. To delete, first delete any groups you own or transfer ownership to another user.Once you are no longer an owner of any groups, you can quickly delete your account with the following steps:

  1. Click on My Account in the upper right area of your screen.
  2. Scroll down to Delete My Account at the bottom left area of the window prompt.

To embed a video into your posts you only need to post the standard url for the video(s) and the site will automatically create the iframe to embed it into your post

To see what video platforms are supported please check the section

Currently we support the following video platforms to automatically embed videos from url's

Video Platform Status
3Speak Working
9GAG Not Working
Banned.Video Working
BitChute Working
Brighteon Working
Dailymotion Working
DTube Not Working
Flicker Not Working
Instagram - IGTV Working
LiveLeak Not Working
Metacafe Working
Mixer Working, Live streaming and Clips
PeerTube Working
Veoh Not Working
VidMax Working - but need to allow non https to view
Vimeo Working
YouTube Working

You can upload the following images formats in your posts

  • .png
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg

Trending works by simply counting the number of hashtags in a given recent period of time and then showing the totals.

The trending numbers are not manipulated and show a true reflection of hashtags added to posts as they are posted.

Suggested users works by simply displaying a random selection of users who you don't already follow

Coming Soon

The concept here is to allow users to add payment options which other users can send tips or regular donations

This can be a feature for users who are subscribers for a "Pro" account, which would add the monitise option onto the post or in the dropdown for a post

Zacly is 100% supported by users like you. We don’t make money by selling your data like Big Tech companies. Instead we rely on merchandise, Zacly Memberships, and affiliate sales.

Coming Soon

You can find more details on how to contact us via our Contact Us page.

Bold Rendered Output
I just love **bold text**. I just love bold text.
I just love __bold text__. I just love bold text.
Love**is**bold Loveisbold
Italic Rendered Output
Italicized text is the *cat's meow*. Italicized text is the cat’s meow.
Italicized text is the _cat's meow_. Italicized text is the cat’s meow.
A*cat*meow Acatmeow
Bold and Italic Rendered Output
This text is ***really important***. This text is really important.
This text is ___really important___. This text is really important.
This text is __*really important*__. This text is really important.
This text is **_really important_**. This text is really important.
Strikethrough Rendered Output
~~The world is flat.~~ We now know that the world is round. The world is flat. We now know that the world is round.
Inline Code Rendered Output
At the command prompt, type `nano`. At the command prompt, type nano.
Fenced Code Blocks Rendered Output
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "age": 25
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "age": 25